Ndakinna Education Center's

Certified School Age After School Program

     Ndakinna now offers a three hour after school program three days a week from 3pm to 6pm for Kindergarten through fifth grade (Buses are an option if you are within the Saratoga School District or surrounding districts). Featuring weekly programming with Ndakinna Director, Author, and Storyteller James Bruchac and other members of the Bruchac family. The daily curriculum will be based around our many programming options to include:
  • Nature Awareness
  • Native American History & Culture
  • Wilderness Skills
  • Storytelling
  • Natural History (plant, tree, and animal identification)
  • Traditional and Contemporary Arts and Crafts
  • Adventure Program (ropes course, games & learning techniques)
  • Homework time
  • Self Defense/Martial Arts (Optional)

    Throughout the school year we will take daily hikes and unwind in the outdoors. Appropriate clothing is necessary as participants will spend some time outside each day.
    The children will spend a short period of time eating a snack and settling in either indoors or outside in the pavilion or picnic area. Then we will be out in the woods and fields that surround the center for the rest of the evening. Our schedule will vary day to day allowing for exploration and fun.

    Your children have the option to participate in our martial arts program at a reduced rate. Some of the programs overlap with the after care program so please contact us directly for times and details.

This  program will be limited to 10-12 children so please plan ahead. The program runs Tuesday thru Thursday weekly and will follow the Saratoga Springs School Calendar. The cost for the program is $70.00 per week per child. Contact us for discounts for multiple participants from the same family. Payments are due one month in advance throughout the school year.