Adult & Teen Programs (Age 15+)

Interested in our Adult and Teen Programs? Typically these programs are separated into three categories: Wilderness Skills & Adventures, Animal Tracking, and Nature Studies Programs.

Wilderness Skills & Adventures

Wilderness skills include survival and team building, shelter construction and primitive fire-making.

Wilderness Survival & Awareness Walks
During a walk around Ndakinna’s Nature Preserve students will learn about such human necessities as protection from the elements, making fire, finding food and water. Along the way instructors will demonstrate how people past and present made their way through the wilderness obtaining such necessities in the wild. During the hands-on workshop students will put their new knowledge of wilderness survival skills to work.

Most Survival skills classes and trips are led by Ndakinna Director, James Bruchac. Classes and trips are usually limited to no more than 15 participants. Moderate physical activity required – dress for the weather. Certification available.

Hands-on Survival Skills & Off-site Adventures
Participants taking part in these hands-on workshops and off-site adventures (canoes to snowshoes) will learn key wilderness skills, both modern and primitive, that will heighten their sense of security in the natural world and could also save their life.

Depending on length of program, skills can include shelter making, navigation, fire making, emergency insulation, rescue signaling, proper reaction to a survival situation, basic wild edibles, drinking water, and more.

Individual Skills Training
Basic to advanced training is available through Ndakinna in all areas of wilderness skills from animal tracking to wilderness survival. These programs can include one or more skills in single hour to multiple day training. Offered any day during the week, dependent on availability. Skills Certification Available.

  • One-on-one rates start at $75 dollars per hour
  • Group rates average at $45 per person per hour, depending on the size of the group
  • Multiple day discounts available
  • Special Group Rates
  • Limited number of work exchange programs also available.

Animal Tracking Courses & Expeditions

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional Animal Tracking
Depending on level of training, classes may include basic introductory lectures, hands-on field studies on the Ndakinna Preserve, off-site expeditions, and interactive courses at our Northeast Tracker Training Center. Participants will learn from expert staff and take advantage of our collection of thousands of animal track casts, and other educational aids. Tracking emphasis can range from Northeastern creatures such as foxes, raccoons, deer, porcupine and black bear to Western species such as mountain lion, wolf, wolverine and Grizzly bear.

Most tracking classes are led by James Bruchac, co-author of Scats & Tracks of The Northeast, Scats & Tracks of The Southeast and Midatlantic. Guest trackers include Dr. James Halfpenny, senior author of Scats & Tracks series and A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking. Certification available.

For more information, please visit our Tracker Training Center page.

Nature Studies

Year-Round Nature Studies
Throughout the year Ndakinna offers a variety of nature study classes and walks. Ranging from above mentioned animal tracking programs to a wide array of other nature related subjects from plants, trees and mushrooms, to birds and insects. Conducted during all seasons of the year these programs are led by a host of plant and wildlife experts.