Ndakinna is in the process of forming a book club! Interested in learning more about Native American Culture, History, and modern literature? Join our mailing list so that we can determine interest in this new programming facet.


Here’s a potential lay out for the book club.

Five Meetings to discuss a specific book, sometimes in conjunction with a film.

An Annual Event that could be comprised of a panel and/or author(s) with book signing on new books, and/or a virtual presentation by an author far away who agrees to participate via Zoom (which allows us to record a session of up to 40 minutes for free). Or whatever seems timely that given year.

Potential Topics and Books:

Undoing Stereotypes with Humor: videos: Reel Injuns; Smoke Signals; Jim Northrop. Content Guide: Languages and Ways of Knowing.

Early Contact – Communal Narrative: Water Lily, by Ella Deloria; Native American Autobiography Redefined, by Stephanie Seller; Content Guide: Orality.

Trail of Broken Treaties – Survivance: “Aesthetics of Survivance “(Gerald Vizenor), excerpt from Reading Native American Literature (Joseph Coulombe), “Who

Is Your Mother? Red Roots of White Feminism” (Paula Gunn Allen), Tracks (Louise Erdrich) with accompanying videos to provide specific cultural context.

Here/Now – Cyclical Time: excerpt from How To Read Native American Literature (David Treuer), Content Guide: Cyclical Time, Solar Storms (Linda Hogan).

Communal Reflections: Choice of Books for Final research/discussion – these are the ones in the course, but members could jointly select a book.

Potential Books

Leslie Marmon Silko: Ceremony or Garden in the Dunes
Jim Northrup: Dirty Copper or Walking The Rez Road
Linda Hogan: Mean Spirit or People of the Whale
Louise Erdrich: Four Souls or The Round House
David Trueur: Little or The Hiawatha


We’re open to other ideas as this will be a community based project. To sign up, please fill out the form below.


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