Why are there two different prices for programs?

As a non-profit, Ndakinna knows that families have different abilities to pay for programming. We want to make sure that everyone in the community can enjoy the woods, have a child enjoy one of our Wilderness Camps, and learn more about Native American culture and woodland survival. Your selection is confidential. No matter what level you select, everyone receives the same opportunities and high quality programming.


As a charitable, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Ndakinna wants to make sure that no youth is unable to attend a program because of an inability to pay. To apply for a scholarship made possible through donations, please contact us at info@ndakinnacenter.org. These scholarships are awarded on a sliding scale based on total family income.

Standard Level

This level covers the most basic cost of programming for each participant. It helps cover staffing and supplies. This level is subsidized.

Donation Level

This level accurately reflects the true cost of programming for each participant, including but not limited to: youth scholarships, staffing, maintenance and upkeep, utilities, insurance, equipment repair, overhead, and depreciation.

Please pay the donation amount if you are able.