:: Ropes Challenge Course ::

Ndakinna’s adventure course program compliments our current programming by focusing on skills critical to a successful team effort. These include the following:

  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Effective Communication
  • Commitment
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership

Through our new ropes challenge course, participants will gain a greater sense of self awareness, and learn skills that can promote healthier relationships among peers. Via the physical and mental challenges provided by this program, participants approach harder and harder tasks throughout the day that require critical thinking, and stronger group cohesion.

The following outline describes what can be reasonably accomplished within half day, and full day programs.

What can we expect to accomplish in a half day?

We have found adventure activities enhance and complement more traditional training. The following objectives can be met in this time frame:

Allow participants to get to know one another quickly and in a different manner than they might in the work place. This will help strengthen workplace relationships and productivity.
Establishing a sense of team camaraderie and a greater awareness of the importance of teamwork.
Creating an atmosphere of mutual support in which cooperation, encouragement, and interpersonal concerns are emphasized.

What can we expect to accomplish in a full day?
This extended program reinforces the objectives that can be achieved in a half-day program and additionally serves to:

Help participants assess critical factors in team tasks and allow a greater in-depth approach on effectively capitalizing group resources.
Help participants further develop clear and effective communication skills.

A full day also allows groups an entire afternoon for a closing large group activity. This can be particularly valuable for participants that are part of the same team, yet are not in every-day contact. We have many different closing activity available. These encourage participants to share their key insights from the day in a creative fashion. This provides a meaningful segue into planning objectives in the workplace or classroom.

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